My Grandfather’s Phonograph and why First Impressions don’t last long .

When you are under five and a piece of equipment keeps getting on your nerves, you have no choice but to undermine its performance by switching it off whenever its owner leaves that vicinity.

I fought an endless battle with my grandfather’s phonograph till the sound coming out from it prevailed. The battle was intense for a young lad like me who wasn’t getting any fun from Sunny Ade, Barrister, Ebenezer Obey and Ayinla Omowura’s brand of music. Yoruba as a language wasn’t my forte and any medium of propagating it was an affront to my personal space.

Till entropy in the form of Alaawiye textbook drew me closer. This piece of instrument became my companion whenever I went visiting him. Today, I can sing many of those musician’s songs and enjoy them. So, an insatiable appetite for these form of music developed. Today, I can only look back and appreciate that instrument.

As humans, our instincts from the time of the cave man have not evolved. We are used to processing and concluding about someone based on our first experience with such person. It was the way our forefathers preserved the tribes and survived.That in itself isn’t a bad idea considering the fact that our instincts save us a great deal at times from impending danger.

The key lies in maintaining a balance and coming to understand that you might have been put off by someone’s attitude but still come to understand the person’s personality with the passage of time.


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