The battle line has been drawn

A year before the turn of the millennium, after the warriors retreated into their camps and handed over power to those they had seized power from sixteen years ago, a new star from the Milky Way passed through the ocean and shone forth from the shores of the lagoon. He was named: The one who fronts, the one who is always ahead. He had fought the warriors from oceans far away with his pen and voice.

As a gift for his doggedness, he became the Lord of the Lagoon, King of the twenty kingdoms bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Ogun River. For eight years, he held sway and became a formidable force; becoming a kingmaker along the way.

His first king making assignment was to install his successor; one who would continue his blueprint or whiteprint as the case may be. His successor was named: The father who comes again. For four years, he performed as his subjects claimed and his star began to shine brighter than the old king. He built some things and rebuilt others, destroyed lands and planted trees. He became the darling of the kingdom with his eloquence and charisma captivating the old and young.

When it was time for the people to choose again, a battle began between the one who fronts and the father who comes again. The one who fronts had the backing of his court while his adversary had the backing of the masses. He had borrowed a leaf from Machiavelli and coasted home to victory, cementing his status as Lord of the Lagoon.

Four years later, the one who fronts; determined to prove his mettle as the sole kingmaker of the Lagoon installed another King; We are coming. He came, he saw, but couldn’t conquer beyond the first part of his reign. There was no second coming for him. At first, the members of the court and the realm held him in high esteem, praising him to the high heavens, declaring him the best thing that had happened to the kingdom. It didn’t end well for him.

Members of the court, the masses and the bourgeois had lost interest in him. He begged the kingmaker in private and tried to lobby in public. He had become persona non grata to the kingmaker.

So, the kingmaker thought about how the names of his previous successors had names that did not talk about the great finances of the kingdom. So, he picked Pay; one with a weird sense of dressing and a problem with the written word.

We are coming tried to fight back and so he summoned all inhabitants of the kingdom and told them how Pay had exchanged counterfeit cowries in another kingdom and was not in unison with his mind and soul.

Pay released an error-laden response, choosing not to respond the claims of We are coming. The day of selection came; it was postponed and moved to another date. We are coming had finally come home to roost. He lost to Pay and recanted; promising to support Pay in his bid to become Lord of the Kingdom and pledged his allegiance to the one who fronts.

His sudden decision was not unconnected to the royalties waiting for him after his reign.” It was better to leave peacefully than leave in pieces and end up with peanuts”, he thought.


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