Prisoners of Moment

What happens when you postpone the begining of something? What really stops an action from taking place? Could it be inertia or the lurking daemons disguised as writing block? Can harmattan and the accompanying heat pass as a reasonable excuse? Maybe your lips are shedding its skin off and your body lotion is not enough to combat the dryness of your skin.
So you think and get lost in your thoughts, imagination seems a beautiful escape from the nakedness of reality. The sweet melody of music becomes an accomplice in this never ending loop between indecision and decision. You interpret each line of music like a surgeon performing an operation on the theatre.
At some other time, you get lost in the problem solving world of coding. You code,run and debug. Output does not betray input. The line between imagination and reality becomes blurry right before your eyes. The real and the imaginary become close guests on this voyage.
You stare at your laptop’s screen waiting for inspiration to guide you through this period. You fret and keep lurking in the dark. The promise of light keeps hovering over the horizon. Everyone says all you need to do is write, scribble down something and keep it at it. No one released the manual for persistence. It’s not available anywhere. The only currency it knows is focused attention + an extremely high tolerance for failure.


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