I and ME


It was the day of giving up

The moment I gave my heart a piece of my mind

The time I shattered the clouds of hope and searched for darkness

The day I owned my flaws and it became my strength

The month I found peace in failing and learning to love the process

Some years ago; I let hope get into my head

I watched it consume me like dope

I watered it till it tortured me like a predator on a prey

I wanted to be so good I let light pursue darkness


The year I learnt how to weep

I allowed my imperfections float

I let it grow

I watched it blossom into near perfections

It was a journey

That had no destination

A cloud that brought no rain

Looming darkness hovering

Around the horizon

Without the promise of light


Now man!

Don’t you see the darkness that begets the dawn?

Don’t you see how darkness makes the flash so good?

Can’t you see the stars need it to shine?

Can’t you see how I have become whole?


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