My only desire is that
We burn as bonfires without wood
with the atmosphere filled with smoke
Like incenses, moving spirally to find a place in thin air
Some days, I remember when we walked along the lawns
Taking little steps like lizards invading the walls of a room
On other days, it is how we sat in the garden
Staring at the moon in the dark, naming our unborn children
I try to heap all of these memories in a vacuum- The time
it takes to create them is so short, it takes forever to forget
They are like little signals, finding ways to become a network
They are scattered here and there, in between the unseen and seen
Made to exist as tiny little things with a whole lot of meaning
I once woke one morning, with dawn still approaching
& the clouds relegating the skies to the background
I knew what it meant, I bothered not to ask
I was lost in the past, making the present sink into the bottom                                                  Love wasn’t the zenith after all.


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