New Year Blues

The first day starts

with the promise of making new tables

Wood of different textures

unwilling to be joined by the force of nails

Alloy of metals unknown

come to the rescue

quietly bringing a remedy

As the heat pierces through its constituents

patterns unfold with every passing time

Revealing the futility of resolutions-

mere wishes unable to transform

the mundane to the sublime

without a dint of action

Do you really have to decide

in the midst of euphoria

with the fireworks far in the sky

Is it enough to write on a piece of paper

what inertia will always resist

and procrastination turns to a plan

What if you accept that things rarely change

and see that they remain the same

or a little insane

If you start from there

A day is enough to plant

Twenty one days are enough to germinate

One little seed from the ground


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