Ìdí Àràbà, Lagos

The mind is man’s unseen eye; capturing images, light and converting them to neurons that draw conclusions from the randomness that is the everyday experience. One of the merits of being non-dogmatic is the ability to see layers upon layers of interpretations from a single scene, nowhere is this displayed than the mind holding diverse thoughts; at times contradictory or divergent. Mysteries are open to inquiries. It’s when the optical and visual are in resonance that randomness gains meaning. This is why enlightenment transcends the barrier of space and time; man’s thought Police. It gives the mind the chance to wander past the usual, seeing things beyond the accepted nomenclature. So, the world becomes the playground of the mind; becoming a network of apparitions. Once blind belief is replaced with openness, vision operates less in a specific dimension and sight becomes less invisible to the mind.


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